Three Questions You Absolutely MUST Answer to Attract Your Perfect Customers

Aug 13, 2020

Business owners tend to get hung up on the equipment that they are going to use to make their marketing videos. But did you know that the equipment you use is one of the least important factors in making a video that will help you grow your business?

The message that you share in your video is significantly more important than the gear that you use to record it.

We are Aaron & Angela Bell from Smartphone Video Formula and we’re going to tell you about the three critical questions that you have to answer if you want to attract your ideal customers to your business.

So, you are all ready to make a video to help market your business. You’ve got your phone all set up, your lighting and audio are perfect and you are ready to roll. But are you? What are you going to say? This is the most important step in making a video that connects with your audience but this is the part that many business owners find the most difficult.

If you’ve sat in front of your camera ready to make a great video and simply don’t know what to say, we understand. We’ve been there before and we’ve coached many business owners just like you through the process.

One easy way to do it is to answer these simple questions that will help people get to know, like and trust you.

First, if you want me to be your customer, I need to know who are you, where are you, what do you do and how will that help me live a better life? 

I know, that’s already four questions, but these all work together to help people get to Know more about you.

In our example, we are Aaron & Angela from Smartphone Video Formula. We have online courses that help small business owners grow their businesses by creating and sharing high-quality videos that attract their ideal customers.

The next question you have to answer is am I going to feel good and enjoy spending my time and money with you and your business? 

If you show them exactly what their experience with you and your products or services will be like, this will help your ideal customer get to Like you.

We use videos like this one to help people see what kind of training that we offer. We want them to understand that it’s a comfortable place for them to learn, they can feel free to ask any questions they have and that they will be part of a community of people just like them that are learning how to use video to grow their businesses too. 

Finally, the trust part of the equation. Will the solution you are offering to my problem work for me? Will you stand behind it if it doesn't and help me solve my problem? If I believe that, I will trust you.

For our course, we want people to understand that we give them an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that will work for any small business. We want them to understand that they can do this and that with the right formula, making videos about their business is easy and fun.

So, remember for you to attract your ideal customers, they need to know who you are, what you do and how it will help them live a better life, they need to like you and feel like they will enjoy spending their time and money with you and finally, they need to trust that what you are offering them will solve the problem that they have.

Video is the best way for your perfect customers to get to know, like and trust your business.

When you answer those three questions consistently, you will attract the perfect people to your business and they will become your amazing customers.

You should aim to answer one or more of those questions every time you put together a video to help promote your business. These words will act as a beacon to your ideal customers. 

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