The Perfect Framework for Telling the Story of Your Business with Video

Jul 22, 2020

Every story ever told on television or film has used the exact same framework. We’re going to show you how you can use it too and make powerful videos for your small business.

Every film or television show that you’ve ever seen has had the same critical elements - a story, a camera and a screen.

You need the story to connect with the viewer and make them want to stick around to watch. Not to mention to tell their friends that they should watch too.

You need a camera to capture the story so that it can be seen by your audience and you need a screen so that people can see the story that you captured.

In the early days, they did it with giant cameras, a sound stage, hot lighting and not much portability.

Then as we got more modern, we still used studio spaces, big cameras and a whole team of people behind the scenes making everything work.

Today, we have the same power right in the smartphones we have in our pockets.

Now that we all have access to our own camera and the screen has become accessible for almost anyone. All we need is a story that people will find engaging 

This works for your business too. Think about commercials in the 80’s and 90’s. Big companies spent huge amounts of money because they didn’t own the screen.

Now that we can access a screen for free (or really cheap) and make sure that only the people most interested in our message will see it, we have a huge advantage - even if we don’t have a huge budget.

That’s why video marketing has become the #1 way for businesses to connect with their ideal customers. 

Here is our four-part framework that you can use to create and share your own videos to help you connect with your ideal customers.

First, tell a story that will help people get to know, like and trust you.

The key is to create a story that people will connect with. It’s not that hard to do. Even if you think you don’t have a story to tell. Simply show people how what you sell or what you do will help them.

In his book Copywriting Secrets, Jim Edwards says that people buy for one of 10 reasons.

Ten Reasons Why People Buy

  1. Make Money
  2. Save money
  3. Save time
  4. Avoid Effort
  5. Escape mental or Physical Pain
  6. Get More Comfort
  7. Achieve Greater Health
  8. Gain Praise
  9. Feel More Loved
  10. Increase Popularity or Social Status

You may have heard the phrase show don’t tell.

It’s a helpful tool when you are telling a story. It simply means that instead of describing how you help someone, show them.

We take it a step further from show don’t tell to show don’t sell.

In other words, just show them how that product or service will help them solve one of those 10 problems and you will be well on your way to telling an engaging story about your business.

Once you have the story, then you move on to the next step of the framework, using your phone to record a video that tells that engaging story.

Your phone has a powerful video camera built right into it. In fact, it’s a better camera than even the highest budget films and TV shows used just a decade ago. 

The key is understanding how to set up your phone for the best video results, understanding how light works - especially with small cameras like you have in your phone - and knowing how to get high-quality audio so that your viewers will be more engaged with your video.

There are some easy tricks that the pros use to create engaging video clips that tell the story visually. 

You don’t have to be “artistic” to be able to use the same techniques and once you understand them, you can create your own engaging videos that people will love to watch, comment on and share.

Now that you have your story all captured as video clips, the next step in the framework is to edit everything together into an engaging video that will create an emotional connection with your viewers.

Using the perfect music and clips will set the tone and help you tell a visual story that will create a powerful connection with your ideal customers. 

Don’t think that this only works with dramatic stories that you see on TV and in the movies. It also works in short videos that will help you build a connection with your audience too.

The final step is to get your video on a screen.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and your web site are all incredibly powerful networks that you can use just like the old advertisers did with television networks. Only now, the cost of entry is free - or really low - and you can reach thousands of people right in your own area.

That’s how you can use your own story, camera and screen to reach your perfect audience too.

Imagine what television advertisers would have done if they only had to pay for the people that were actually interested in seeing their ads? It didn’t work that way. They had to pay for everyone and hope that the small percentage that cared would be enough to make them money.

You don’t have to do that anymore. Now you can use the advanced targeting techniques available to everyone through Facebook and Instagram advertising to dial in your perfect audience and make sure that they see your videos. 

It’s like a magic bullet for marketing your small business.

Feel like you’re getting left behind in your real estate career because you aren’t marketing with video?

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