Give Your Video a Boost With the Power of Threes

Sep 15, 2020

Three Blind Mice, the Three Musketeers, Three Little Pigs - we love when our stories come in threes. Goldilocks even got into the act with her bears.

The power of threes is a storytelling tool that you can use to attract new customers to your business too.

Why? Our brains are wired to hold small bits of new information at a time. When we give people three points to understand, three options to take or three benefits that you offer, they can keep them all in mind during the conversation.

We’re going to show you three (see what we did there!) tricks that you can use to add the power of three to your marketing videos.

First - for every video that you create, aim to tell that story with three important elements. Help the viewer understand three ways you can help them improve their lives. One or two won’t be enough to persuade them to buy and more than three will be too much for them to remember.

Second - When filming your videos, think about your beauty shots in threes. Film three different angles and focal distances for the item that you want to show. That makes it easy to edit those three shots into a quick sequence that will grab the viewer's attention.

And Third - have a clear beginning, middle and end to your video. Start at the beginning by helping the viewer understand your message is for them. Then show them how your product or service will help them improve their lives. And third, call them to action. Tell them what they need to do next to get it for themselves.

When you create videos using the power of threes, your stories will connect with the viewer, you'll show them how you make their lives better and you'll inspire them to take action.

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