Get Silky Smooth Footage With The OSMO Mobile 3 Gimbal

Jun 02, 2020

Today, we’re gonna introduce you to this Osmo Mobile 3 and show you how you can get some Hollywood results for your real estate marketing videos.

We’re Aaron and Angela Bell from Real Estate Video Academy and we’re gonna talk to you today about what we love most about this gimbal.

These gimbals give you the opportunity to get really nice, smooth, stabilized footage even on your smartphone.

This gimbal has three-axis stabilization that really gives you a nice, smooth, fluid shot when you’re moving around.

It’s great for real estate videos because it lets you get that nice push-in view that looks very professional, even with a smartphone.

You can also use it to simulate slider shots and other movement shots.

We always talk about wanting to get movement in your videos and a gimbal like this gives you the chance to get nice, smooth movement that looks really professional.

The gimbal has a thumbstick that will give you the ability to do panning shots and it will also give you the ability to do up and down motions, as well.

The key to this gimbal is it gives you that nice, smooth movement and that’s what gonna really separate your videos from looking amateur to looking professional.

You can use the Osmo with the native app right in your phone or you can use the DJI Mimo app for more functionality.

It has some really great features, including the follow-me feature. When you engage that, the Osmo will follow you
back and forth in the frame. This is really helpful if you’re filming a video by yourself.

The app also lets you do timelapse and hyperlapse, which can give you really nice, high production value shots, and it adds the functionality of the record button right on the handle.

One of the things that we really like about the Osmo Mobile 3 is that it folds right down into a really small package that makes it really easy to carry.

It also has the tripod screw right on the bottom of the Osmo so you can mount it to the small tripod or a full-size tripod. That’s gonna give you lots of options when you’re making your real estate videos.

You can get the Osmo Mobile 3 by itself for about $129 Canadian or $100 US, or in a kit that comes with the mini tripod and the carrying case for around $159 Canadian.

The only downside to this, though, is that the Osmo fits really nicely into this little case, but the tripod doesn’t. Despite that one limitation, we still encourage you to get the kit. This little mini-tripod really helps add some functionality to the Osmo. It gives you that extra bit of length to get nice, smooth shots and also works great
to put it down on a table.


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