This Amazing Little Drone is Perfect For Your Real Estate Videos

Jun 04, 2020

We’re going to introduce you to the DJI Mavic Mini.

This little drone is going to give you epic shots for your real estate videos, without the high price tag or the hassle of bigger drones.

We love this little drone because of its weight and its size.

It folds down to about the size of your phone. It doesn’t weigh much more than that either.

And the price is great too. It’s under $500 for this whole kit.

We’ve been flying bigger drones for a number of years now, but where we live here in Canada you have to have a license now to fly a drone if you’re going to use it for commercial purposes, including real estate videos.

One of the things that we love about the Mavic Mini is that it’s under the 250-gram limit, meaning you don’t need a license or any permits to fly this drone.

You do have to check your local laws to make sure that you’re flying this drone or any drone legally, but the Mavic Mini is going to help you cut through a lot of that red tape.

The one thing we love about the Mavic Mini is that it’s easy to use. You hook your phone up to the remote and just fly it.

Like a lot of the bigger DJI drones, the Mavic Mini has a 2.7K camera. It’s not quite 4K, but it’s better than HD and gives you stunning results.

It also uses entirely auto settings, so that takes away a little bit of the control but it makes it really easy to get epic real estate shots.

You can get the Mavic Mini in two configurations, one with just the basic drone, controller and battery, or the Fly More Combo costs a little bit more money but gives you two extra batteries plus a great charger that will charge the three batteries in sequence.

Our experience is you can get about 25 minutes of flying time from one battery, so that should give you lots of time to get some epic shots for your video.



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