How "Show, Don't Tell" Will Help You Make Better Videos About Your Business


“Show, Don’t Tell” is a concept that authors have been chasing for more than a century. 

Ernest Hemingway mastered it and modern filmmakers use this same tool to make their stories more engaging too.

We’re going to show you how the “Show, Don’t Tell” principle can make your business marketing videos more engaging too.

The concept is to have your viewer experience your story for themselves as opposed to being told what to feel.

In this example, Jean is talking about the way that colours and textures can help your home feel warm - even in colder winter months. She doesn’t say anything about the candles, blankets and rugs that she has for sale, but the viewer will understand that from the images shown in the video. 

Jean didn’t do any “selling” in this video, but she attracted thousands of dollars in sales of these products because the scenes in the video showed her viewers how to feel more warm and cozy this winter.

Your viewers are smart. They understand that you sell the things that you show in your videos. You don’t need to tell them. They can see for themselves.

If you want viewers to know that you have a friendly and inviting business, you will have a better chance of getting that across if they see clips of you having friendly interactions with your clients than any amount of words that you could say.

Seeing is believing.

Video combines images, words and music together to create an experience for the viewer. If you can show them how you can make their lives better as opposed to trying to tell them, they are much more likely to believe it.

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