Get More Views on Your Videos With Wrappers

Oct 31, 2020

Looking to get more reach and engagement with your videos on social media?

Wrappers are an easy way to do that.

Wrappers are graphics that add titles and text to your videos.

Using a wrapper on your video also lets you create square videos - which take up a lot more space on the Facebook feed.

Here's an example. We ran these two ads to the same audience, for the same budget and the same time period. The only significant difference was that one ad (left) was just a 1920x1080 video while the other (right) was surrounded by a 1080x1080 wrapper.

This ad was for a lead magnet sign up. The plain version converted leads for $3.55 each. The wrapper version converted leads for $1.43.

The leads from the wrapper version were 60% cheaper.

We consistently get 25-75% better results from promoting videos with wrappers versus standard 1920x1080 videos.

So how do you add a wrapper to your video?

There are apps available that will help you add a wrapper to your video but we prefer to have the flexibility of creating our own and adding them in Adobe Rush or premiere Pro. 

Start by creating your wrapper graphic in Photoshop or your favorite image editing program and add them to the video in Adobe Rush or Premiere Pro. 

Create the graphic with a blank space in the middle to accommodate the video and then save it as a .png so that the transparency works in the video editor.

Put the graphic on the video layer above your video clip and resize the clip to fit. Then, add you titles and captions to the video layer above the wrapper graphic.

It takes a little bit of extra work when you are editing your video, but wrappers will help you reach more people on Facebook for less money.

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