Don't Make This Mistake With Your Real Estate Marketing Videos


You already know that marketing with video is the number one thing that you can do to grow your business in 2020. 

But if you’re making this one mistake, you’re missing out on the biggest benefit of marketing with video.

Video is the best resource you have for growing your real estate business and getting qualified leads.

Video is shareable, it gets more engagement on social media and it helps buyers make a quicker decision.

Real estate listings with video get 400% more inquiries than listings with photos alone.

Here’s the big one - three-quarters of homeowners say they would be more likely to list with a realtor who uses video to market their home.

That’s pretty overwhelming evidence that you should be marketing yourself and your properties with video.

But the number one mistake that we see realtors make with their videos is that they aren’t even in them.

We know that being in your videos may be a bit scary for you. But if you aren’t in your videos, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Think of your videos as the start of a conversation with your potential clients. The people that resonate with what you say will want to continue the conversation. The ones that don’t, won’t. That’s a good thing for you and your business.

When people see you in your videos, they start to learn more about you right away. Both from what you say, and the visual clues about how you say things. This is how you build rapport and trust with people before you even get to know them in person. 

We’ve seen this work with our clients time and time again. 

If you create, share and promote a listing video and you aren’t in it, what happens when the house sells? Of course, you’re going to be happy about that - but what about your next client? And the ones after that?

This video didn’t do anything to help build your reputation as the go-to realtor when they are thinking about buying or selling their home. In fact, they may not even recall who listed the property at all.

When you include yourself in your videos, the chances of future buyers and sellers remembering you goes up dramatically.

So, how do you include yourself in your videos?

The easiest way is to record a welcome message with one of the highlights of the home as your background.

Record a friendly greeting introducing yourself and the home to make sure they put your face with your name.

You can come back on screen towards the end of the video again to remind them who brought this amazing video tour to them and who to contact for more information.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure that you look and sound great in your video.

First - don’t read a script. It may take some practice but you want to deliver these lines from memory. When you aren’t on screen anymore and are telling the viewer more about the property, you can read from your script but not when you’re on camera. As much as you think the viewer’s won’t notice, they will see your eyes moving and see that you are reading from a script. 

Memorize the line and do several takes until you feel comfortable saying them right into the camera. That will make you look like a natural in front of the camera. Remember, you can pick the best take when you get to the editing stage of your video.

Second - be authentic. Instead of trying to sell the home in your video, you are just inviting people to have a look and hopefully pique their interest. 

And finally, make sure that you are set up for success with flattering lighting, great audio and a nice background. When you look and sound your best, you will be confident every time you’re on camera.


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