Get Perfect Audio With This $30 Mic

Jun 01, 2020

Audio is a huge part of creating pro-quality video that will connect with your clients.

This $30 lavalier mic will add a lot of production quality to your Real Estate Marketing Videos and will help turn your smartphone into a pro video machine.

So we’re here to talk about making great video. Why do we care about the audio?

Audio is critical to making pro-quality videos.

One of the mistakes a lot of people make when they’re making video with their phone is they try to use this microphone to record their voice.

The problem with that is, if you’re holding the phone out here, where’s the mic pointing, out there.

It’s gonna pick up all kinds of noise from around the room, not just your voice, so it’s not going to give you ideal quality audio.

So how do we get around that?

We like to use what’s called a lavalier microphone.

What this does is it just clips right here on your shirt, and it picks up terrific
audio of your voice.

It picks up the audio from your chest cavity and coming out of your mouth, and will do a great job of picking up your voice while you’re speaking.

Watch the video to hear an example of the difference between the on-camera mic and the lavalier mic.

In that example, we used this lav mic, the BOYA BY-M1.

What we love about this mic is it’s very inexpensive, less than $30, but still gives you a really good, quality sound.

We absolutely love this mic. It’s super easy to use. You just plug it into your phone, stick it on your lapel, and it has great sound.

This mic is great if you have one person talking on camera, but they also make a dual lav version, so you can have two mics plugged into one phone. It’s about 40 bucks.


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