Avoiding the Overwhelm in Your Real Estate Video Marketing

Feb 08, 2021
Do you get overwhelmed when you try to learn how to do something new?
This week, we're giving you some actionable steps that you can take to get past the overwhelm and moving forward with crearting and sharing your marketing videos.
So a lot of times people kind of get overwhelmed, right?

I've got to do something new, uncomfortable. How do I kind of figure this out without getting overwhelmed?

Sometimes the default is just, well, I'll do it later. So we procrastinate or we just decide not to do it at all because it's too much, right?

But by taking some steps and going one step at a time and going forward with it, the overwhelm gets not so overwhelming.

We sent out an email on the weekend about your comfort zone and how a lot of times, you know, the first time you do something that, comfort zone can be something that keeps you from doing it, right?

We kind of likened it to the football guys. So here they are all on the biggest stage in their career and they still look pretty comfortable. Actors or people that are in
movies and things like that. And you know, as you do it, you get more comfortable.

You watch them and you think how can they possibly be comfortable in that?

They don't just throw you into the Super Bowl, right?

You start getting comfortable as a kid and then moving up into high school 
and then into college, university, as you move up, right?

You'vr got to learn some techniques. Learn the process.

When you learn a process and you learn a technique and then you do it, you practice it, you're going to keep getting better at it.

And that's when you're going to get comfortable.

If you're new to marketing your real estate business with video on social media, 
what are the things that you need to do to get good at that?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.


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